Speeches & Annual
Meeting Sessions

Marisa Pensa has delivered many speeches and conducted annual meeting sessions in a variety of industries. These outlines will give you a feel for what content has been well received by other Methods in Motion clients. Similar sessions of varying length can be customized to your environment. Contact us today for more information.

Gaining Momentum & Nurturing a Thriving Sales Pipeline

Gaining a Competitive Advantage In Following Up

How many times have you heard these?

  • “We’ll get back with you.”
  • “I haven’t been able to get everyone’s schedule together for a Lunch & Learn. Keep in touch with me.”
  • “We are leaning in your direction.”

These statements make us feel we’ve accomplished something. The truth is that oftentimes hope can cloud our reality and we can trick ourselves into thinking our opportunities are further along than they truly are. In this session, we will hone in on specific ways to gain a competitive advantage when following up after the cold call and also creative ways to keep the momentum going through the sales process, leading the prospect to “closed.”

Process, Productivity and Prospecting in the Digital Age

New business is the lifeblood for any organization. This powerful session is built for Sales Professionals with the goal of helping you stay in control of the sales process. It presents the most up to date methods for driving new business, increasing your sales productivity and winning with effective outbound prospecting in today’s highly competitive market.

Hiring, Training & Retaining Great Sales Professionals

Hiring, training and retaining great sales professionals involves taking a hard look at previous team members who were not a good fit, along with analyzing team members who excelled in your culture. It takes finding the right people to hire plus a pig-headed determination and discipline to build a culture of coaching.

This session is built to provide the essential tools Managers need to create a well-oiled machine when it comes to successful onboarding. It introduces a systematic process, both for onboarding and for ongoing training.

Holy Crap! Here Come the No’s!

This session will prepare both new salespeople and seasoned veterans to be better prepared for No’s and stay in control of prospecting calls.

What you will learn:

  • How to develop thick skin so negative reactions don’t bother you.
  • Become quick on your feet with responses to “We’re happy with our current vendor” and “I’m too busy.”
  • Learn proven wording for how to handle the “No” in order to get the “Yes” you are looking for.

There should be little to no surprises in responses you hear when prospecting. The more prepared you are the more successful your calls will be.

The Leader’s Guide to Launching & Sustaining a Successful Inside Sales Program

This session will prepare sales leaders with valuable insight and practical steps to take for starting and/or sustaining a successful inside sales program. 

Key session takeaways:

  • Building the right ecosystem for inside sales to thrive in your organization
  • Facility, technology and compensation dos and don’ts
  • Unique steps in the interview process for interviewing inside sales pros
  • Leading and training an inside sales team
  • Success over the long haul
  • Good, better, best scenarios for starting and growing inside teams
  • Getting started and the most logical step for your company

Gaining the EDGE in Winning Back Lost Accounts

Cold calling is not always the best way to drum up new business. For many companies, there is a wealth of opportunity right within your own customer base of lost accounts. This session hones in on the four steps for winning back lost accounts.

  • Engage: Opening the call and earning the right to ask questions.
  • Develop: Once we have earned the right to ask questions, we are now in a position to ask the questions that enable us to win back sales. Let’s stop the guesswork on why they left and ensure we have the right information.
  • Get the order, or minimally, get a commitment to order tied to an expected order date.
  • Execute the sale. (In some cases happens at the same time as G.) We will cover the wrong way ask for orders and discuss specific wording to reignite the confidence in asking for an order. If we have taken the time to learn, develop and breathe new life into the opportunity, we have earned the right to confidently ask for the order.

Smokin’ Too Much Hopium

Keeping Your People Focused on the REAL Opportunities  

How many times have you heard these responses?

  • “We’ll order with you but still don’t need anything right now.”
  • “Haven’t had time to look at your quote…but will in the next couple of days.”
  • “I like what I see. I’ll get back to you.”

These statements make our sales team feel they have accomplished something. The truth is they are (and we are) just hoping these opportunities come through. There’s no evidence these are sales that we can count on. We all fall into the trap of looking at our pipelines through a cloud of hopium when, in actuality, we need to focus on staying in control of the sale. Hope clouds reality—and is not a sales strategy to win business.

Owners and sales managers will discover the three key disciplines for increasing a sales team’s performance. They will also learn how to create a culture to reinforce these disciplines and have them stick in the long run. 

Competitive Selling – Proactive Calling in a Reactive World

A Sales Clinic for People Serious About Sales Growth

Competitive selling starts with a proactive outbound call. In sales, we practice interruptive marketing. Our job is to make sure that interruption is worthwhile for our customers and prospects. All too often, it’s easy to get buried in being reactive vs. proactive and the pipeline truly does dry up!

This information packed sales clinic will provide easy-to-implement, practical strategies for making the most of the limited time you have to be proactive. It will provide guidance on making interruptions worthwhile, whether calling for increased business or making a purely cold call.

Marisa Pensa will guide you through the most up-to-date, industry-specific methods for being proactive in a reactive world!