Training Fee Components

What’s the cost for customized training?

Just as in any industry, the investment depends on a variety of factors. That said, in this instant information-age, having more information at your fingertips is key. To give you the best answer, our pricing is made up two primary components:

Component #1:
Number of training days

Component #2:
Number of participants

Onsite/interactive presentations, extensive customization and dedicated follow through by live and digital reinforcements are key differentiators to our training approach. Rather than charging separately for each component, we provide an ‘all-in’ fee structure for everything, over a 60-day timeframe, including all materials. Travel and per diem are billed at cost.

For example: the average “all-in” investment for a sales team of ten — including customization, live follow through with the trainer, digital follow through for continued support and materials for a one-day onsite program– would be an investment of $8,500.00. A per person discount may apply based on additional participants and a program discount may apply if additional training dates or programs are added.

This is an example to give you a number to work with; however, please don’t let budget alone be the deciding factor. Whether you have a small sales team or a large one…need a half-day training, a webinar series, or a three-day program…we can tailor a program that works to satisfy your goals and fits within your budget.

Our goal is to work with you to create a program that is not just a one-time ‘event,’ but a working session with sustainable practices that will change habits and behaviors to benefit your bottom line.

What’s the cost for speeches?

For a speech that ranges from 75 minutes to 2 hours in length, the fee is between $5,500 and $9,500. The actual cost depends on the time necessary to customize and develop the speech. Travel and per diem are billed at cost.

Note: For sample content, see the ‘Speaking & Annual Meetings’ tab.

How do I measure the investment?

We recognize that working within your budget and setting you up for the best possible Return on Investment is important. While measuring closed sales is the most logical way to measure results, here are three more ways to measure results and ways we help our clients ensure a return:

  1. Number of increased appointments resulting from driving up the quality and quantity of prospecting calls (Programs: Appointment Making & Inside Sales)
  1. Pipeline volume and conversion ratio increases (Programs: Opportunity Management & Inside Sales)

  2. Number of extended conversations measured by a “Next Set Time” scheduled with the prospect. (Programs: Building Powerful Sales Conversations & Opportunity Management)

We are here to help your sales team get to the next level and look forward to putting together the right program that helps you reach the return on investment you expect and deserve. Let’s start a conversation!