The Opportunity Management Program is a full day program providing a common language throughout the entire sales department. It is tailored to your sales culture. It assists managers to get a clear picture of what their sales team has in their pipeline without leaving it to chance.

For sales team members, it creates a habit to sustain enough front-end activity to hit their goals on a consistent basis. Participants analyze their own books of business and walk out of the program with a clear understanding of where they are in the process and a game plan in order to gain control of their sales with their opportunities.

Note: This process can be incorporated into any CRM system or a web-based system if available.

Is this program for you?

Objectives of the program:

  • Help salespeople write fewer proposals but close more business.
  • Provide sales teams with the essential sales tools as a foundation for sales representatives to achieve success in the continued growth of your company.
  • Establish and implement a methodology for managing prospecting and selling activity and strategy.
  • Institute a sales process focusing on creating greater depth of sales and developing solid relationships.
  • Provide your company with a system which will create a sales culture, set the foundation for measuring sales activity, foster proactive strategizing and involvement in sales activity, and provide effective forecasting.
  • Help your sales teams brush up on sales skills and see the importance of gaining a Next Step with their prospects.