Virtual Training &

It is proven that for training to be successful, it has to be repetitive and consistently reinforced. Methods in Motion offers a range of reinforcement options from one-on-one coaching, follow up team calls and recorded call coaching to a proprietary video reinforcement series.

Live Online Training

Methods in Motion live online training can range from one or two highly interactive customized virtual sessions, to a step-by-step 8-week webinar series, which provides a strong dose of encouragement and assigns action items. Quizzes are also included to ensure the information delivered is understood and applied.

Inside Sales Recorded Call Feedback & Coaching Calls 

Methods in Motion excels in reviewing recorded calls and making recommendations for improvement. This can apply to an entire sales team, or to individual sales reps. Real-world on the job analysis can help reps self-correct and tackle everyday sales challenges.

Workshops followed by the option of M.O.S.T. Video Podcasts

  • Bi-weekly Monday Watch@Work 5-minute videos
  • Self-Paced Daily Reminders & Exercises
  • Ongoing reinforcement for 8-16 weeks

Conference Calls

These calls are designed to fine-tune the procedures put into place after an initial training. Accountability on the part of management and team members is checked and implementation questions are answered.

Field Audits 

Half-day on-site sessions can be conducted which include troubleshooting, individual coaching and sales simulation to encourage valuable practice in the everyday sales environment.