Right now the concern for many is how to save, sustain and possibly grow the business we already have.  This Virtual Selling Webinar series is designed to elevate the skills selling virtually including; utilizing video, virtual meetings, email, LinkedIn and the phone.  If you missed the first two rounds come join us to persevere beyond the virus!

Join Marisa Pensa (President of Methods in Motion) and Stacia Skinner (President of Creative Training Solutions) for a recording of three timely, information-packed webinars

Topics & Agenda

  • Webinar One
    Running a Great Virtual Meeting & Your Follow Up Cadence
  • Webinar Two
    The Multi-Touch Point Pattern Selling Virtually, Selling with Empathy
  • Webinar Three
    Building Your Personal Roadmap for Setting Virtual Meetings

** This is a series of three webinars and the topics will build up each other for each session.