Methods in Motion uses dynamic, interactive, face-to-face training workshops to help sales teams implement and sustain measurable improvements in the most critical aspects of sales. 


All of our workshops are custom tailored to our customers’ everyday sales environments and are supported by follow-through to ensure successful implementation and accountability. 


Our top seller is a highly interactive program, which introduces a unique approach to setting appointments with decision makers. It provides strategies such as: how to leave voicemails that get returned calls, handling receptionists, and skillfully turning around the most common objections.


Implements a time-tested process that is visually demonstrated and can be implemented within any CRM. This process provides a common language for all, from sales teams to management, and a valuable tool for accurate sales forecasting.

Building Powerful Sales Conversations

This one-day program enhances the skill sets of sales representatives from the first conversation through the close. The goal is to empower your representatives to run great first meetings and create an environment for deeper information gathering and more effective selling.


Provides strategies for navigating through complex selling environments with multiple buyers and influencers. This program emphasizes finding additional opportunities for business within these organizations in a simulated environment. Participants walk out with an actual plan for how to win business.

Inside Sales Skills for Existing Inside Sales Teams

Teaches the entire telephone sales process from the initial prospecting call to closing and going after repeat business. Reps will learn a step-by-step practical process that will allow them to ask the right questions, develop relationships, and take advantage of this economical way to gain business.

TeleSales Launch & Management Process

This customized program can begin with an analysis to see if investing in an Inside Sales Team is right for your business. If launching a team makes sense, we can partner with your company and be as heavily involved as needed, providing proven recruiting guidance, sales and management resources, job aids, and testing to ensure retention of the inside sales process.


Often conducted in conjunction with sales team training, Managers are given guidelines/ disciplines to help their sales teams implement their newfound skills. An eight-week sample coaching plan is provided. The goal for the program is to hold team members accountable, and give managers tangible ways to help them.

Virtual Training & Reinforcement

It is proven that for training to be successful, it has to be repetitive and consistently reinforced. Methods in Motion offers a range of reinforcement options from one-on-one coaching, follow up team calls and recorded call coaching to a proprietary video reinforcement series.

Our clients are saying...

"Methods in Motion is a true partner for Airgas and my call center. As a result of working with Methods in Motion, we see faster results from our new hires and overall sales growth for our call center. Their telesales call process is well engrained in our culture and gives my managers a roadmap for evaluating calls. One of the Methods in Motion training is it is tailored to our specific sales environment with scenarios our sales team experiences daily. We have used Methods in Motion training for several years and plan to continue to utilize them to help us to continue to grow in the future."
Airgas, an Air Liquide company
Amy Lowrey, Director of Sales- Total Access
“Methods in Motion has been a vital, valued partner in the initial launch of our inside sales team and continues as that trusted partner in the ongoing development of this very important resource. Their guidance and recipe for inside sales success has positioned us to grow our sales in targeted customer segments, as well as prove out the concept for this newly formed department. This will allow us to quickly build on what we’ve started. We could not have accomplished what we have accomplished, in a short amount of time, without Marisa’s expertise and Methods in Motion’s commitment to our success. I confidently endorse Methods in Motion’s customized training program for any company looking to start or grow a solid inside sales team.”
S.P. Richards Company
Stacy A Bell Director, Sales Operations
Prior to working with Methods in Motion, we were struggling to implement an efficient, yet valuable business development management system. The Methods in Motion Opportunity Management System has helped our sales organization focus on the most important aspects of sales. As the leader, I now have much better insight into the planning and effort needed for my team to gain new business. As a result of using a common language, the ambiguity has been removed when talking about our opportunities.
Mike Heischman, COO

Independent Dealer Magazine recent issue on “Getting Your Sales Team in Shape”:

“The entire training process for inside sales was standardized almost two years ago with assistance from Independent Dealer contributors from Methods in Motion sales training company.”