The Methods in Motion Difference


Essential Skills for a New Sales Environment

The world changed overnight. But you still have products and services to sell. Company growth goals to meet. Customers who need solutions. Solutions that you have.

We give your salespeople the pragmatic tools, techniques, and most importantly, habits needed to thrive in today’s sales environments, positioning your company for exceptional growth. All so you can continue to serve your customers and propel your company forward.

Here’s how we make a difference for our clients.


Training Program Variety

From prospecting, to overcoming objections, to virtual or inside sales techniques, to closing and upselling best practices, we can help your team boost its sales productivity. All of our workshops are custom tailored to our clients’ everyday sales environments and are supported by follow-through to ensure successful implementation and accountability. No matter the size of your sales team, industry, or experience level, we’ll have your sales team seeing results quickly and consistently.

Whether you need training to teach seasoned sales professionals new techniques or train your new hires to get up to speed quickly, we offer a wide variety of training formats to meet your needs and budget. All Methods in Motion programs are taught by seasoned sales professionals, with an approachable, friendly style your team will appreciate.

  • Workshops
  • Videos
  • Webinars
  • Recorded call evaluations
  • One-on-One or Group Customized Sales Challenges (using our proprietary sales coaching program)

Our clients appreciate our unique expertise and flexibility in providing multiple training formats to best fit their needs. No one size or solution works for every company. We understand that and are fully committed to creating a training program that will work best for you. And if we don’t have what you need, we’ll create it.



Customization is our secret sauce. We do not deliver cookie cutter programs. No matter what training program you choose, we take our clients through a deep dive customization process to ensure the program fits your sales environment. We start by interviewing your sales representatives to understand your industry, sales process, successes and challenges. We identify the gaps and skills most needed to bring you a robust program that will deliver the greatest impact. We tailor our sales tools 100%, using your language, so that they are relevant and comfortable to use. Your sales team will leave our training with roadmaps, scripts, and tools they can use immediately.


Creating Habits for Consistent Success

True change happens when you create a new habit. That’s where we come in. Methods in Motion specializes in helping your salespeople create the new habits needed in today’s marketplace to be highly effective. We use dynamic, interactive, face-to-face and virtual training workshops to help sales teams implement and sustain measurable improvements.

We don’t spend a few hours sharing concepts and hope you see results. Our methodology ensures that your people embrace the learning. The repetition of the key concepts and techniques creates sales skill muscle memory for consistent results. Our approachable, storytelling-based approach creates stickiness – your people will understand, remember, and implement what they learn. That’s the only way to see change and significant sales improvement.

We work well in both large and small organizations where consistency in sales methodology across all divisions, teams, and individuals is important to deliver an enhanced, effective customer experience. Our clients typically bring us in to prove our methodology with one division and then bring us back to deliver the same results throughout the entire organization.


Passion for Serving Others

We are passionate about using our talents to serve others. We serve our clients by helping them sell more to make a bigger impact in life. We serve our students, your salespeople, by helping them be the best salespeople that they can be. Excel at their jobs. Provide for their families. We love to share our expertise. So, whether that’s in the classroom or in one of our free articles, we are passionate about helping salespeople get out of their own way and reach their full potential.

We also serve our community – giving back by volunteering, promoting non-profit organizations on our website, and sharing tips and ideas for others to make a difference in their communities as well. 


Reinforcement Options

It is proven that for training to be successful, it has to be repetitive and consistently reinforced. All of our sales training programs have a retention component, to ensure that the learning sticks. Methods in Motion offers a range of reinforcement options:

  • One-on-one coaching
  • Accountability exercises
  • Follow up team calls
  • Recorded call coaching
  • Proprietary video reinforcement series

Bottomline, our methodology and unique expertise, as well as our approachable training style, will enable your sales team to sell more, faster and more effectively. We are ready to help. Give us a call today at 678-574-6072 to get started.