Building & Growing
Your Inside Sales Engine

Whether you are hiring your first inside sales professional, or have a tech-savvy digital sales team, this program helps those who rely 100% on the power of the phone, video and online engagements to sell.  The focus of this program is to instill inside sales prospecting excellence. We teach a step-by-step process proven to move prospects from hello to closed to reorders.


Our inside sales toolbox includes, but is not limited to:

  • Understand the percentage of time your rep is talking versus the prospect talking on a call.
  • Benchmark top performers to assess number of questions asked per call and the pace of their delivery.
  • Capture and more effectively coach to filter words, tone and pausing at the wrong times in calls.
  • Provide a blueprint for Managers to work in tandem with Methods in Motion to grade calls and deliver feedback.
  • Develop Sales Managers new to inside sales, to help them learn what to listen for and coach internally in a more productive way.

For companies starting an inside sales team from scratch, we provide compensation plan guidelines, best practices for evaluating phone talent during interviews, the most important KPI’s to measure, and solid direction for all involved from the executive level to the new team members. Why reinvent the wheel when you can ramp up — faster and more effectively — using Methods in Motion’s expertise?

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