Building Skills for
Powerful Conversations

Your sales professional’s role is to be a supplier of ideas, not just products and services. Sales should never be based on what we are trying to sell, but should always be based on how we can help others achieve their objectives. In the role of Trusted Advisor, we have one single goal and that is to help them succeed. That’s the driving force behind our interactions with everyone we talk to, every single time.

To reach the goal of being a helper, honing the skills to create engaging conversations is paramount. Your questions…whether over the phone, on a Zoom call, or in person…matter. In this program, your sales team will be taught a step-by-step process from opening the conversation to closing the sale. We do the legwork in advance to provide sample questions specific to your business. We then teach delivery of the questions to ensure quality conversations by getting prospects to open up and do a majority of the talking.

This program can be customized to phone conversations, virtual meetings and/or face-to-face meetings.

Objectives of the program: