Pipeline Management
& Sales Process

Most sales professionals constantly balance being proactive and reactive. Many spend 50-75% of their time being reactive and only 25-50% being proactive. As a result, pipelines are suffering and businesses rarely forecast accurately.

In this program, we establish (or strengthen) ways your sales team can stay in control of the sale. We help show to close the gap on what sales professionals and managers think will close, versus what actually closes. Through well-defined criteria and tangible evidence of the prospect’s interest, we help establish a common language to help the sales team increase time spent being proactive each week, by quickly recognizing when a prospect is losing momentum before the business is lost.

Through the TRACK pre-calling tool, traditional 30-60-90 day pipelines are updated each week, providing new focus during unfocused times. The TRACK method is a coaching blueprint for managers to coach prospecting activity and keep the pipeline moving each and every week.

Note: Our pipeline criteria and disciplines complement what you are already doing to currently manage pipelines within Salesforce.com, Microsoft Dynamics, or a broad range of other CRMs. If you don’t currently utilize a CRM, we can recommend user-friendly solutions for pipeline planning and weekly pre-call planning.

Objectives of the program: