The Power of the Phone
& Virtual Selling Series

This program includes the full agenda for Prospecting in the New Sales World and takes the next step by delving into running great virtual sales meetings. No matter how diverse your team members are — novice to seasoned professional, tech-savvy to tech-averse, Gen Z to Baby Boomer — this program will meet your team members where they are and provide a fresh approach to stand out from the competition. We demonstrate how to run impactful, engaging virtual meetings, emphasizing next-level virtual meeting etiquette, including how to prevent and handle a no-show on a virtual meeting.

Objectives of the program:

  • If my prospect doesn’t turn on their camera, should I turn/keep mine on?
  • How do I avoid virtual no shows?
  • How do I keep meetings engaging and interactive — especially when multiple decision makers and influencers are present in a virtual meeting?
  • How do I stand out from everyone else running Zoom calls, teams calls, and virtual meetings across a range of platforms?
  • How do I address “Zoom gloom” and those that don’t want to be on virtual meetings?
  • What are the pros and cons of virtual and blurred backgrounds? What other technology tips will help me to stand out?